How much money is collecting dust in your wardrobe?

Who doesn’t want to make some extra cash? I’m sure we all have plenty of unwanted items in our wardrobe that can make you enough money to buy a new pair of shoes, a new outfit for that special occasion or even pay for your next holiday!

And the benefits are even greater than that. I don’t want to say that ‘one person’s junk is another person’s treasure’ as that just sounds a bit cheesy, but the cliché is still very true! You could be helping someone in need of that particular item, they could be getting a bargain on their next outfit because (a) they don’t want to or (b) can’t afford to spend a small fortune on.

Don’t let the items pile up and collect dust in your wardrobe. The second-hand retail industry is booming. It’s good for everyone in so many different ways. It’s not only helping you make money but it’s reducing wastage and ultimately helping the environment.

Unfortunately, you won’t always get what you want for your item. Pricing too high is always a danger and puts people off. Your items are only worth what people are willing to pay for them and that isn’t always what seems like a fair price and one you’re happy with. Even if it is brand new!

I know your items were probably bought for more than you can sell them for but holding on to them because you feel guilty selling them at a lower price isn’t the answer. They’ll just take up space you haven’t got in the wardrobe. It’s best to make something from them as anything you do make will be a bonus!

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Welcome to Desibay Blog

 Welcome to our blog.  This is us! We are Desibay and we launched 6 weeks ago! We can’t believe it’s already been that long either. Desibay is an app where you can sell all your unwanted items be it desi or not. We know it’s a surreal time for everyone and most of us are at home trying to create a level of ‘normal’ and I know some of us are trying to use the time to declutter too. Why not put your items on Desibay and make some money back? It’s so easy, just try it!